We have eyewear to fit any budget.  We continue to offer fashionable eyewear, both designer/chic, sporty as well as budget-friendly.  We also offer state of the art ophthalmic lenses and coatings to ensure maximum clarity of vision.  Here are some of the lines that we carry:

MA, Blue Plus and Budget Frames

Transitions XTRActive Lenses

Transitions XTRActive lenses provide extra protection from light outdoors, indoors and even in the car. They are extra dark in bright sunlight and provide a hint of tint indoors to protect against harsh artificial light.

Transitions lenses automatically adjust to changing light conditions, so you always see your best whether you are inside or outside.

They free you from the hassle of switching to sunglasses when you go outside in your daily life while helping to protect your eyes from UV rays and Harmful Blue Light.12

Transitions lenses reduce your exposure to Harmful Blue Lic1M emitted by the sun and electronic devices and screens to reduce eye strain and eye fatigue.

Transitions lenses can be paired with a variety of frame options so you can have both style and function.

Crizal No-Glare Lenses

These anti-reflective lenses are perfect for nearly all glasses wearers. They help to reduce glare from headlights so you can see better at night. They help you to see comfortably which can reduce headaches, blurred vision and irritated eyes. No-Glare lenses are also resistant to scratches and smudges from everyday wear and tear. They can also benefit students in the classroom with less glare from whiteboards, computers and lighting.

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